1500 mile road trip


Story time!

I originally had the $50 engine and a C4 automatic in the car. The engine ran great but the transmission had a very bad leak that I could not figure out. I decided to pull the engine and transmission out and replace them with the new engine that I had finished building, along with a 3 speed toploader. I bought the toploader along with yet another inline 6 (I have 4 of them now, hehe) out of a running ’66 Mustang. I bought a new clutch pedal and a used Z-bar linkage. I converted the pedal support to roller bearings, and made my own clutch linkages using heim joints. I got the new engine running but it had a major carburetor problem that caused it to run lean. This caused the paint on the header to catch fire a few minutes into the break-in. I REALLY wanted to drive the car since I had completed the manual transmission conversion, and so the only thing preventing the car from going down the road was the engine. I decided to pull the new engine out since it had a small oil pan leak and needed to be pulled anyway. I installed the $50 engine again, and after some tuning and burnouts, we are caught up to where the car is today. I have the new engine on my test stand and will be finishing the break-in soon, then it will finally go back in the car.

I’ve been going nuts on the car for the past three months, trying to make it more presentable and road-worthy. I have gotten a lot done, so there will be more pictures to come.

I’ve been busy lately so I haven’t updated this site, but I have made lots of progress and I will be starting to post pictures of what I have done. I’ve been driving the car around, it’s running pretty well now. Here’s a current side shot of the car.IMG_9371

I obviously have a lot of bodywork to do, but right now I’m focusing on getting it mechanically dialed in. Then I will finish all the welding and do the little things like tuck the wiring. Lastly I will finish the bodywork.