Making a Vent Window

The vent windows that came with the car were made from plexiglass. They were cracked, so I decided to make new ones.

I will be getting a new vent window frame and glass after the restoration, but this will work until then.


Heater Delete Plate

The Shelby GT350R Mustangs came with a factory “heater delete” to reduce weight. The kits are extremely hard to find, so I decided to make my own. I got a piece of sheet metal to cover the blower motor hole and cut a piece of wood to match. I sandwiched a piece of Dynomat between the wood and the sheet metal, then drilled 4 holes corresponding to the mounting holes in the firewall. I bolted everything in and painted it black.

Now I just have to get two rubber plugs to fill the holes from the hoses.

Gas Tank

I picked up a 1970 Mustang gas tank from Craigslist. It bolts right in and has an increased capacity of 22 gallons over the stock 16 gallons. The top of the tank is approximately
2-1/2″ taller than the stock tank, so the filler tube must be cut and bent to fit.