Tail light panel removed

The tail light panel has been removed


Smoothed Dash – The Beginning

I’m going to smooth the dash, so I started by removing the dash pad support. It will look a lot cleaner without the pad, and I can always bolt the support back on later and install a dash pad. (On 64-1/2 Mustangs the support was bolted on originally anyway). I drilled out 15 spot welds to remove the support. You can see how much cleaner it looks without it. Now I just have to fill in the holes.

I will try to post a picture of what it will look like when everything is finished…

Ford 8.8 test fit

I got my new spring perches so I decided to test fit the new 8.8 rear end. I still need to finish grinding off the old perches and clean/paint everything, but now I can see if I need to modify the floors etc. I just have the new perches sitting in it, they are not welded on yet. I bought off-road perches so they are extremely heavy duty. They are almost 8″ long to reduce axle wrap, and they have three locator holes so I can move the axle forward and backward if necessary.