Tail light panel


Smooth tail light panel, and trunk lock smoothed in


Steering Box

I finished rebuilding the 16:1 ratio steering box with new bearings and seals. I painted it black and installed it with the 6 cylinder pitman arm, that way I can still steer the car while I’m getting the rest of the V8 steering linkages. Before assembly, I straightened the bent steering shaft by clamping it with vice-grips to prevent it from turning, and hammering it with a 3 lb sledge. I made sure to protect the ends of the shaft before doing so. This is not the best method, but it got the shaft straight enough that the steering wheel doesn’t wobble while it is being turned.

Granada Front End

I found a complete spindle/front brake assembly on eBay from a 1975 Ford Granada. It is a disk brake front end from a V8 car.
This shows how I replaced the spindles. You must be careful when doing this with the springs in place. I would recommend removing them first for safety and ease of spindle installation.
Start the swap by placing a block of wood under the upper control arm. This will prevent the control arm from dropping when the old spindle is removed to ensure easy install of the new spindle assembly. You do not have to worry about this if you remove the coil spring first.
Next, lift the front of the car and secure it on jack stands. Remove the front tires, and loosen the tie rods and ball joint nuts.
Use a puller to pop everything loose. It was easy on my car since I just replaced the ball joints, but if the suspension is original it might take some hammering to get everything loose.
Push down on the spindle and lower control arm and pull the spindle from the upper ball joint, then lift it off the lower ball joint.
Simply reverse the process to install the new spindle assembly, then torque everything to specs. You must use Granada outer tie rods when doing this swap as the holes in the spindles are larger than on the Mustang spindles.