Old School Lowering Springs

I really like using techniques that hot rodders would have used in the 50s. One of these techniques is to flip one of the leafs in a spring pack to lower the car. I flipped the 3rd leaf in the 4-leaf springs on my car. In these pictures I show my first attempt in which I flipped the main leaf. It ended up being much too low so I took it apart again and flipped the 3rd leaf.
First I took the spring pack apart by clamping it together, then prying the bands from around the pack:
Then I removed the centering pin and slowly released the clamp. I took the leafs apart and decided which leaf to flip. (longer leafs flipped = lower)
I clamped it all together very carefully with the leaf flipped:
Then I reinstalled the centering pin, hammered the bands back to how they should be, and released the clamps. You can see the difference made by flipping a leaf:
A major advantage to flipping a leaf to lower the car is that you can avoid lowering blocks. Lowering blocks greatly increase axle wrap and can cause ground clearance issues. The disadvantage is that the spring rate is decreased.


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