Removable Cowl

I have to fix three broken windshield wiper shaft bolts and clean/seal the cowl hats. I decided to try my idea of making a removable upper cowl panel. First, I used a jigsaw to cut the front of the cowl right above where the weatherstripping bolts on. Then I used a cut off wheel for the sides. On the window channel, I used the angle grinder to cut just in front of the spot welds holding the upper cowl to the lower cowl. I only cut through the first layer (upper cowl layer).
Now that I have the cowl off I’m going to do the bolt and rust repair, then make braces for the inside of the cowl and make brackets to bolt the upper cowl panel back on.


Engine cleaning

I honed the cylinders of the engine block to check for wear. They will be honed again before assembly to remove the rest of the rust.
I also cleaned the pistons, connecting rods, and main caps. I soaked them in watered down industrial degreaser then used a wire brush to clean them.

New Master Cylinder

The 1967 Mustang master cylinder I was using was built for a disc/drum brake system. It was not working correctly with my disc/disc system so I bought a remanufactured master cylinder from a 1974 Corvette. The Corvette master cylinder is built for disc/disc systems. I slightly ovaled out the mounting holes to get it to fit the Mustang. I also installed my ’66 Thunderbird proportioning valve.